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Mishimoto & The Baffled Oil Catch Can

As the owner of an Automotive Parts company I spend a lot of time researching new products from our Manufacturers. Mishimoto is a brand we strongly trust here at AutoModCentral. Top of the line quality paired with great customer service, Mishimoto is the coolest company around to help you with cooling down the internal components of your vehicle. They don't just sell "car parts"; they offer a variety of cooling options for your favorite power sport, truck, or Jeep too.  Recently Mishimoto released what everyone around is calling "The Best Baffled Oil Catch Can Ever, Period". Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a variety of colors to choose from - black, blue, red, purple, and green. 

 So right now you're sitting there thinking "Okay, aside from pretty colors and a great Warranty - what is it?" The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can has the ability to separate oil particles from the PCV air that normally would have gone right to your intake. Mishimoto spent over a year between research and development to bring to you what they call "the most effective oil catch can on the market". The custom grooves in your catch can's inlet turbulates the air for a longer period and ensures all the oil goes to the bottom of the can leaving you with clean air to pass through the 40 micron bronze filter then to your intake. An internal baffle keeps the collected oil from splashing around in racing conditions.  Impressed yet? Did I tell you their Mascot is a Penguin named "Chilly"? Let's move on.

 Let's talk about how the 100% billet, 6061 aluminum can accepts -AN fittings at the inlet, outlet, and drain area allowing over 27 different possible configurations. For the most fitment options, the top cog mounting setup allows the can to be mounted from multiple angles. Maintenance is easy; the drain plug can be removed to allow for -AN return to the oil pan. Mishimoto likes to make your life easier so guess what? It's washable!  Yes I said it, 100% washable, unlike many other cans that require you to replace your entire filtration system. The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can is again, available in a variety of colors to match your style and taste. 

 Alright so let's recap, 

  The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can is the most effective oil catch can on the market

  The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can is 100% Washable

  The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can Has a Lifetime Warranty

  The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can Makes Your Life Easier

  The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can Comes in Cool Colors

 With The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can being "Chilly" Approved, you can be sure your purchase is one you will be satisfied with for the lifetime of your ride. Who doesn't want something that has multiple mounting angles? I know I don't want my oil splashing around or it passing through my intake, especially in racing conditions. This is the only Oil Catch Can we highly recommend at AutoModCentral. Did I mention it weighs only 1.6lbs? No heavy cans here! Message us at AutoModCentral about The Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can for more information.

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